Uinta Brewing

Uinta is a Salt Lake City brewery who truly understands the spirit of adventure. After becoming one of America's 50 largest microbreweries, they needed a brand big enough to handle their growth.

Art Direction
Uinta started with a wild idea. Why not make beer in Utah, the country’s least beer drinking state,? This question captures the spontaneity and adventure behind the brand. What started as a simple question has now lead to Uinta becoming a true American beer. A beer that’s your companion wherever you may go.

New packaging with 100% more adventure.

Uinta was growing like crazy, but needed new packaging to keep the momentum going by increasing brand awareness. I led art direction and design across their new packaging lines and visual identity.

Research. Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.

Hundreds of variations were compared to find what stands out on grocery shelves.

A manifesto for finding your own way.

The new Uinta brand needed a loud and proud rally cry to bring their team together. I developed a manifesto book that acted as an attitude bible to share the new branding and messaging with employees.

Cut your own path.

Uinta was created to leave the mundane behind and go outdoors by any means. Their new mantra, “Goes will with anywhere.” gave unveiled the focus and spirit that was inside their brand all along.

Big change. Big growth.

After Uinta doubled-down on the spirit of adventure, their distribution across the USA increased dramatically. Good luck to them on their continued growth and wicked adventures.


Made while working at Sincerely Truman.
Calvin Ross Carl, Art Director & Designer
Simon Armour, Creative Director
Adam Peterson, Copywriter
Tim Weakland, Designer
Dillon Lawrence, Designer

The world is built by the restless.