Rainier Beer Packaging

In the Pacific Northwest, Rainier beer is as legendary as the mountain it’s named after. It’s been the unofficial official beer of the Northwest for over a century, and they wanted help staying that way.

After wrapping up Rainier’s new brand strategy and identity, I lead a complete revamp of their iconic packaging. We focused on modernizing their appeal to the northwest’s outdoorsy lifestyle, creating a design system for new products, and doubling down on their most important asset, the big red R.

A classic refreshed.

Rainier has been growing like crazy over the last decade, and this redesign ensured they can continue growing into the next one. With new beers on the horizon, and a couple other secrets up their sleeve, I’ve been thankful to join them on this ride, and share a few beers along the way.


Made while working at Parliament.
Calvin Ross Carl, Creative Director & Designer
Aaron Noah, Producer
Scott Snyder, Studio Photographer

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