Olympia Beer Brand & Product Innovations

Over a century ago, a German brewmaster and explorer was on the impossible mission to brew the perfect beer. Yet after years of searching, he fulfilled his destiny by discovering the pure waters of Washington state—and so the Olympia Brewing Company was born.

Product design
Over the decades, Olympia became more known for its low price than its adventurous beginnings. This changed when parent company, Pabst Brewing, decided to breathe new life into it. The challenge was to “premium-ize” the brand and bring it back to its authentic roots of exploration—which included creating and testing multiple new products.

If it ain’t broke

The original Olympia logo was a damn near perfect gem of Americana style design. It was dusted off, polished, and became the hub for the whole new brand identity.

From one to many

Olympia was a one-product company. Over years of working together, countless product innovations were created to extend their brand into new categories.

Committed to heritage

The goal was to bring the spirit of the Pacific Northwest back to Olympia. We helped scout locations for a new Olympia vodka distillery and hours were spent digging through the museum archives of the Schmidt family, the founders of Olympia Brewing. 

It’s the water.

Since working with Olympia, the brand has rediscovered its brand purpose and their new Artesian Vodka has sold out everywhere it lands. Thanks to the crew at Olympia for trusting such as classic brand when in the hands of another.


Made while working at Parliament.
Calvin Ross Carl, Creative Director & Designer
Jono Stark, Designer & Photographer

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