Duraflame makes firelogs for setting the mood quickly so you can get down to business. Whatever that business may be. 

Art Direction
Photography Direction
Set Design
A quick and easy firelog allows the chance to create “instant romance.” To attract a new audience, we pushed the Duraflame brand to the max with a series of commercials and ads focusing on what would happen if the walls saw everything. And they definitely aren’t afraid to talk.

Meet Edith and Larry Wall.

Tonight’s the night and Edith and Larry, the  old couple who lives in your walls, are not happy about it.

Light the fire. Spread it around.

A display ad and social media campaign directed people to start a very hot fire in their lives.

Start one, I dare you.

Our characters Edith and Larry Wall created the largest number of impressions and views Duraflame had ever seen with a campaign. There just might be a few new babies on the way too.

Made while working at Sincerely Truman.
Calvin Ross Carl, Art Director & Designer
Simon Armour, Creative Director
Director, James Westby
Adam Peterson, Copywriter
Chelsea Spear, Art Director
Reid Stubblefield, Designer

The world is built by the restless.